ISFC31 (The 31st International Systemic Functional Congress) 2004 Kyoto

August 30 to September 4, 2004. Doshisha University.
Supported by JASFL, the Japan branch of ISFLA (The International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association)

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The 31st International Systemic Functional Congress will be held at Doshisha University (English) (Japanese) Kyoto (Tourist Information), which is the second ISFC held in Japan, the first being the 18th which was held at International Christian University Tokyo in 1991 (locally organised by Fred C. Peng). The Kyoto congress will be locally organised by Masa-aki Tatsuki and supported by JASFL (the Japan Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics).

[Congress Theme]

Aiming at Globalization: SF Theory and Linguistic Description

We welcome papers that take a systemic functional perspective on any aspect of language and related semiotic systems, including computational, descriptive, developmental. (critical) discourse, educational, forensic, historical, literary, psychiatric, physiological, social, therapeutic, theoretical and typological linguistics and semiotics. In 2004, we particulary invite contributors to consider approaching their topic from the point of view of using the SFL theory to analyze other languages from different perspectives. Of course, papers will be welcome that develop original analysis of natural language in the well-established English-oriented framework of study, but we wish to especially encourage papers about other languages that look at the SFL theory outside the English-oriented realm.

[Speakers for Plenary Sessions]

   Robin Fawcett, Peter Fries, Christian Matthiessen, Eija Ventola, Suzanne Eggins, Michio Sugeno

[Convenors and Committee]

Convenors and Local Committee: Masa-aki Tatsuki (Chair), Hisao Kakehi, Wendy Bowcher; Michio Sugeno, Noboru Yamaguchi, Motoko Hori

International Commitee: Robin Fawcett, Christian Matthiessen, Peter Fries, Bernard Mohan, Kristin Davidse, Eija Ventola

[Bridge Website Master]

Noboru Yamaguchi (Tohoku University):