JASFL 2001
(Japan Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics Gatherings: 7th Spring Workshop )

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JASFL2001 will be held at Tohoku University (Autumn Conference: local organiser: Noboru Yamaguchi).


Spring Workshop Report (Spring Workshop; local organiser: Wendy Bowcher)

Dear JASFL Members,
The Spring Workshop held at Tokyo Gakugei University on Saturday, May 26 was a great success. We had about 30 participants some of whom were new comers. Prof. Bowcher, the organizer, gave an introductory speech followed by the two speakers, Ms. Ito and Ms. Fujishiro. Based on the materials prepared by them, all the participants, divided in several groups, were engaged in analyzing three English sentences.
Stimulating discussions were exchanged within and between the groups. One of the problem each group had was how to analyze 'a sequence consisting of nominal groups alone' (such as a lead in a newspaper).
After Mr. Takahashi gave his analysis as the final presenter, Prof. Sugeno, Prof. Tatsuki, and Prof. Yamaguchi gave encouraging comments.
Finally, the Secretary announced the following schedule, which had passed at the Board Meeting held in the morning of the same day.
1. Translation of IFG by Noboru Yamaguchi and Hisao Kakehi is coming onto the market in the middle of June.
The Japanese title is: 『機能文法概説:ハリデー理論への誘い』(くろしお出版)
2. JASFL Occasional Papers, No. 2 is going to be printed sometime before summer and will be distributed to the members at the autumn conference. Those who cannot attend, a copy will be mailed.
3. Autumn Conference is to be held at Tohoku University, Sendai, on October 6-7 (Sat-Sun). It is very probable that Prof. Halliday will come to this conference to give the plenary. He will probably give a special talk at RIKEN, Wako, Saitama, on Friday night, October 5, too.
4. Abstacts of the papers to be presented at the conference should be EMAILED to the Secretary, motokohr@ccn.aitai.ne.jp, before August 24 (Fri).
Each abstract should not extend 300 words, including references.
Motoko Hori
JASFL Secretary